Terms and Conditions:

1) The events and parties listed here are from the clubs and venues themselves. Getoutnight is not responsible for any postponing and cancellation of the events, including any change of tickets price, artist change and entries inside the venue.

2) Getoutnight does not support any illegal activities and is not responsible for any illegal activities that might happen in any event that are listed here.

3) When selling tickets of an event, Getoutnight is responsible for the ticket delivery electronically. If tickets become invalid because the ticket holder has not followed the venue rules and regulations then no refund will be done.
No refund will be done if the ticket holder arrives to the event late or has missed the event.
No refund will be done if ticket holder provides false or wrong information to buy the ticket.

4) Refunds will be valid if venue denies the ticket validity.

5) Resale of tickets are not allowed in any shape or form.

6) The events might or might not be organised by Getoutnight.

7) If the Event is rescheduled or moved, the Organiser might give options of either retaining or exchanging tickets for the new date/location. If the Event is cancelled, you may be offered the option to transfer your ticket to a future event or a refund on your tickets. Please note that any Booking Fees and/or Transaction Fees are not refundable in these circumstances.

8) Getoutnight will not be responsible for any ticket holder breaking any rules and does not represent the ticket holder in this case.

9) If the tickets are handled by another company then all liabilities and responsibilities goes to  that company. Getoutnight will send you to the company's portal or website where the tickets are being sold.